Reflections from Great Turtle Island II

Te Wharepora Hou

Dr Leonie Pihama Dr Leonie Pihama The Idle No More movement continues to gather momentum and Waitangi Day provided opportunities to join with Veronica Tawhai here, on Great Turtle Island, to share some thoughts and reflections on our experiences in Aotearoa.  The Idle No More movement grew from the desire of four Native women, Jessica Gordon, Sylvia McAdams, Sheelah McLean, and Nina Wilson to highlight the implications and impact of the Omnibus Bill C 45 on First Nations Peoples and its consequences more broadly for Papatuanuku.  The movement gained further inspiration and momentum though the courageous hunger strike of Chief of the Attawapiskat, Theresa Spence.  It has been clear that First Nations women have taken their role as protectors of this great Mother Earth and future generations and forged a movement that is now inspiring tens of thousands of people across Great Turtle Island.

Within Aotearoa groups of our people have worked to…

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