Poipoiā Ngā Tamariki

Tu Tama Wahine o Taranaki

A key objective of the ‘Poipoiā Ngā Tamariki’ project is to inform the wider debate and activities that are currently at the fore of issues of wellbeing for tamariki. The project is informed by Kaupapa Māori methodology, which engages mātauranga, tikanga and te reo in ways that are appropriate and relevant to the research topic and methods. A critical component of Kaupapa Māori is knowledge sharing and translation. It is essential that the research findings are made accessible and are widely distributed to be most impactful in its contribution to informing tamariki wellbeing.  The project is hosted by Tū Tama Wahine o Taranaki.

Researchers: Leonie Pihama, Linda Tuhiwai Smith, Ngāropi Cameron-Raumati, Marjorie Beverland, Papahuia Dickson

Ancestral Wisdom for the Wellbeing of Tamariki

Naomi Simmonds

The Indigenous Transdisciplinary Research Series: Global Connections Seminar

The Indigenous Transdisciplinary Research Series: Global Connections Seminar is aimed at bridging Indigenous scholarship from Aotearoa, across the Pacific Nations, to North America. The three-part series brings academic scholarship from various backgrounds into conversation with one another, to explore the cultural and philosophical links between the diverse communities and disciplines from which they hail. This graduate-created seminar is generously funded by the Creating Connections Grant by the University of Auckland. Production of this video is funded by MAI ki Tamaki. Seminar Two: The Place of Indigenous Research in Exploring Cultural Models with Professor Leonie Pihama (Unitech) and Dr. Amber Dion ( MacEwan University)

Organized and facilitated by Sandra Yellowhorse by Abigail McClutchie

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