He Kare-ā-roto

He Ngākau Māori: Kare-ā- roto Symposium

‘He Ngakau Maori: Investigating Maori Cultural Constructions of Emotions’ is a research programme funded by the Health Research Council of New Zealand, and hosted by Te Kotahi Research Institute. This project investigates Maori views and understanding of emotions and emotional wellbeing through matauranga Maori. It has been argued that the ability to recognise and communicate emotions is essential to wellbeing and healing. Presentations are focused upon the understandings of emotions in relation to tikanga and te reo Maori. Thoughts about specic emotions including; Rongo, Pouri, Awangawanga/Karangirangi, Whakama, Puhaehae, Hopo, Aroha, and Koa will be explored. Particular purakau, moteatea, and whakatauaki relating to each emotion will be drawn upon to frame the presentations and korero. This symposium oers the opportunity to wananga ideas around how we strengthen our knowledge of particular emotions from a Maori approach to support wellbeing and healing.

Day One
Day Two
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